What readers say

"Current-driving of loudspeakers" is simply a remarkable cookbook and recipy including: Science, worked calculations, practical issues and completed projects, ready for use as they are, or for inspiration. Any technical person, including DIY audio hobbyists like me, will be able to complete these amplifier projects, or make designs of their own.

. . . This book prudently explains all the issues of constant voltage drive versus constant current drive, with splendid covering of what scientific and technical pitfalls to circumvent in the design and construction phase of the latter.

. . . Instead, constant current drive deserves due interest as the next logical step in the perpetual pursue of High Fidelity.

B. G. R. @Amazon

. . . Current-Driving of Loudspeakers: Eliminating Major Distortion and Interference Effects by the Physically Correct Operation Method by Esa Merilšinen provides an excellent foundation for Acoustics & Sound studies. Esa Merilšinen’s style is excellently suited towards Acoustics & Sound studies, and will teach students the material clearly without overcomplicating the subject.

. . . Current-Driving of Loudspeakers' high standard of excellence, making sure that it stays one of the foremost Acoustics & Sound studies textbooks.


It is always refreshing to read works based on science and not on bad habits or beliefs. From that point of view, your deserve, for your nice book, my compliments.

P. T, France

. . . would like to express my appreciation for your work, which can turn out to be the most valuable achievement in audio since M. Otala`s investigation of dynamic distortions, and expectantly will contribute to reduce the (large) number of mistaken beliefs, promoted by both commercial influences and highly esteemed, influential authors. Evidently, the subject has never undergone a comprehensive, coherent study.

L, Sweden

Subject of your book is very close to me. With the joy I found out, what someone else struggles to restore the truth in audio engineering.

A. G.

First of all I would like to congratulate you for your magnificent ear catching informative BOOK . I beleive in your principles and eager to see that the audiophile industry apply every single bit of information written in your book. GOD bless and Good luck!

A. A.

. . . I applaud you for bringing up many important shortcomings of loudspeaker systems that have been conveniently ignored, mostly because they are not readily (with present thinking) soluble. I am appalled that the AES would not publish an ad for your book. It smacks of interference from commercial interests.

. . . Thank you for your work & wishing you the best in your clear-thinking endevours!

J. S.

There is NO OTHER system change that equals the improvement made by a properly designed curent-driven speaker.

It is great to see someone of your high ability put good theory behind the concept, I greatly enjoyed your book, which put a lot of missing information in place for me.

H. H.

Congratulations, your idea combines well known pieces into one reasonable whole!!! . . .

Your book or actually your idea is so amazing and so simple as well. You are now my new audio guru. I have been dealing with audio amps since my youth and have got always a feeling that there is something wrong compared to live music or voice even all equipment was ok.

J, Poland

You're absolutely right about the benefits of current drive for speakers . . . My results for current drive were very similar to yours. I agree that this approach has been generally ignored - so keep up the good work!

M. S.

If one really wants to understand how electronics really work then reading this book becomes a necessity. I can't say anything more than just urge you to read the back cover page.

J. P. @Amazon

. . . I wanted to thank you for your excellent work. Makes total sense! I am now deeply in designing my speakers according your book. Thank you again for bringing this passion back to my life.

M. M.

But first of all, I like to tell you that you wrote a very, very inspiring book! I read it several times, and some parts even over and over again . . . I like to build a configuration with active digital cross-overs and Scan-Speak drivers. I'm looking forward to hear how it sounds.

J. R.

First off, fantastic book! Very interesting stuff. I have not read through all of it but I am working on that.


I thank you for your book. Every time I read it, I can understand a bit more. I listen current drive...

A. L, Switzerland